(1-1.5 hours)

Once you fill out my contact form, I will call you to schedule an in-person meeting. Let me buy you coffee, and we can chat about your business (its history and goals) and how my photography fits into your marketing plan. I genuinely love this meeting! It gives us a chance to get to know each other’s personalities, what makes us tick, and how we operate as small business owners. We will also chat about upcoming sessions you may want to book.


2. Pre-session Consultation

(1 hour)

After you book a session, we will meet in person at the location where the session will take place. This consultation allows me to check out the space (lighting, angles, and styling needs) and grasp your vision. We’ll review what you want photographed specifically, which makes sure you and I stay on the same page. This helps me prepare my shot list for the day of the session.


3. Photo session

(2-4 hours)

First things first: I will wipe down everything as needed (e.g., counters, glassware) and hide all distracting items (e.g., lamp cords). You would ideally have the space styled; however, if you’ve requested styling services, my stylist and I will prep the space with the items we’ve brought with us. I will go room by room executing the shot list I created during the pre-session consultation. I will share images with you as the session progresses, which helps to make sure we’re capturing what you want. These sessions are super fun and laid back. I tend to get quite when I concentrate, so don’t be alarmed by my intermittent silence!


4. Editing & Delivery

(2-3 weeks)

I know how eager you will be to see your space photographed, so a couple days after our session, I will send you sneak peeks. After 2-3 weeks, you will receive an online gallery where you can view and download all images from your session.


5. Sharing

Publish your images to your hearts content on your website, blog, and social media platforms. Sit back and watch proudly as the “oohs,” “ahhs,” and comments pile in. You’ll feel confident and assured how your new editorial imagery is working for your business—by communicating your value and build trust with high-end clientele

Ready to start this process?